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Mar 27, 2018

Welcome to episode 16 of the Grace Cafe Podcast. We're reaching back into the archives and grabbing one of our old episodes from our Known & Loved Podcast. That episode was entitled Don't Be Who They Made You and originally aired in March of 2017. Our friends Joe and Deirdre joined us on this episode as we talk about a favorite line in the movie Logan. That line is the title of this episode: Don't Be Who They Made You.

The inspiration for this episode came shortly after seeing the movie Logan in March of 2017, when we came across a blog post called, Is Reformed Evangelicalism a Place for the Traumatized? In it, the author recounts his seminary experience as it relates to the line from Logan, "Don't Be Who They Made You." For your convenience, the link is below.

Is Reformed Evangelicalism a Place for the Traumatized?