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Christian, God isn't mad at you and he's not disappointed in you. If that's the message you've been hearing, you've been lied to. His love and affection for you is unending and will never change or diminish. We invite you to pull up a chair and your favorite beverage and join the conversation. We're Jesus-centered and gospel-focused (no, really!) with no strings attached.

You've reached the podcast home of Mike and Susan Adams, a former pastor and pastor's wife who survived a crash and burn into grace in 2009 and aren't afraid to talk about it. What we bought before, we just can't sell. Welcome to the Grace Café Podcast!

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Like you, we are on a journey, and one thing we've discovered along the way is that while there are many on this same journey, we don't all look the same, think the same, do the same things, or act the same way. The two of us are simple ragamuffins showing other ragamuffins where we found bread. That's the beauty of Christ's church. It has so many expressions.

We're Mike and Susan Adams. We're broken but beloved. We became Christians in 1973 at the same place, but we didn't know each other at the time. We met in March of 1974 and we were married in July of that same year. Mike was 19 and Susan was 17. Here's a picture of our first church, the original Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, where Jesus captured both of our hearts with his grace, about 6 months apart.

The Calvary Chapel tent circa 1973

We were Jesus freaks, out to change the world. But that never happened. Instead, over many, many years, we've learned that we can't even change ourselves, let alone each other or the world. That's the Holy Spirit's job, not ours. So instead, we get to rest and enjoy this walk with Jesus, which, if we're honest, is more of a stumbling along than a walk. But He loves us in our stumbling, so we press on.

Did we mention we have children? We have 3 (and 6 grandchildren so far!). Susan had 4 miscarriages along the way, so we really have 7 kids, but we've yet to meet 4 of them. As new parents, we set out with noble intentions to raise our kids so much better than we were raised. Perhaps we succeeded in a couple of small ways, but guess what; Our kids need Jesus just like their parents. Our failures in parenting far outweigh our successes. The good news is that God is so big that none of this depends on us. He is full of mercy and quick to forgive.

Did we forget to mention that Mike was a tent-maker pastor/elder for about 25 years at several different churches? He always worked full time while pastoring, which made for some long days and nights. That makes Susan the tired wife of a tired former pastor. That all vaporized before our eyes in early 2009 when we both hit a wall of performance and realized we were wearing layers of masks to look like people wanted us to look (like we had it all together) instead of being real and letting our weak, broken selves show. After years of faking it, we crashed and burned.

Did we mention that Mike has a photo blog of his hometown? He grew up in Page Arizona and his photo blog chronicles the building of Glen Canyon Dam, Page Arizona, and the beginnings of Lake Powell. Check it out at Mike's Dam Photo Blog.

We're glad you're here and thank you for reading this. We don't have our act together and that's not even a goal that's within our reach. But we know Jesus and the good news is that Jesus came and died for messy broken people just like us because messy broken people are all that there are!

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